Smooth data export

Export all the data you need from Adminkit to Excel.

All data in one place

By having all the personnel information gathered in one place, everything becomes so much easier.

Select and download

Choose what information you want to export. This can be an overview of birthdays, contact information or home addresses.

Always up to date

When employees have access to their profile, they can update their own information, such as a new address when they move.

Easy data export

With admin rights, you have the opportunity to export information from all employees in a few seconds.

Save a lot of time by not needing to keep various lists and systems up to date with different information.
And the best part is that the employees themselves keep the information up to date.

Select data points and export to Excel or CSV.

Allergy overview

Show care and save time. If you are ordering cake, overtime food, arranging an event or sending an overview to the restaurant you are going out to eat at, it is great to have a full overview of all allergies.

This can be vital information should an emergency occur.

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