Overview of employees

Save time and gain control by gathering personnell data and documents in one place.
Easy access for all employees you invite.

Full control

Easy and accessible overview of personnel information for all employees

Always up to date

Employees can keep their own information up to date, anytime, anywhere

Smart phonebook

On mobile, the employee list will automagically turn into a phone book with click-to-call

Smart export

As admin, you have the opportunity to export selected information on all employees in a few seconds.

Save a lot of time by avoiding to keep various lists and systems up to date with different information.
And the best part is that your employees themselves keep the information up to date.

Select data and export when needed.

Birthdays and work anniversaries

Too easy to forget – so nice to remember
All businesses knows when their employees have birthdays, but it is often stored in “some system” without any reminders.

All managers should be attentive to birthdays of their employees.

Let Adminkit keep track of those special days for you.

On top of allergies

Ordering a cake? Pizzas for extra hours? Taking your team to a restaurant? Then it’s nice to know if your team has any allergies you should know about. Don’t run around asking every time, because your forgot…

Should an emergency situation arise, this can be vital information.

Emergency contacts

Do you keep a record of employee emergency contacts today and is it up to date?

If a crisis, accident or serious injury occurs with an employee, it is important to have the opportunity to contact the person(s) the employee has stated as emergency contact / next of kin.

Employee overview ready in 5

As general manager, you can choose to invite the employees to
manage their own information. Lots of valuable time saved.

Employees will also be reminded to update their information on a regular basis. Even more valuable time saved.


With employees spread across different geographical locations, the
contact info with an updated picture is even more important.

It’s always nice to know who you email
and talk to on the phone.