Employment contracts

Based on Norwegian legislation only.

Don’t use an old template that may be outdated.
Start a new employment more professionally with updated contracts and digital signing.

5-minute employment contracts

We’ve created a template to help you choose the right content for your contracts.
You create an employment contract through 4 simple steps:

Employee details
Fill in details about the employee, type of position, salary and who to sign.
Choose details that regulate the employment relationship. Trial period, notice period and any additional clauses.
The contract is ready
Overview of the contract. Customize any details to your preferences. Change order, edit or add items.
Send the contract for digital signing. The finished signed contract is sent by email to everyone who signs. A copy is automatically saved in Adminkit.

Employment contracts with digital signing

You no longer need to use undated templates. It now takes no more than 5 minutes to create a digital employment contract.

Gain control and structure of your employment contracts in an easy way with Adminkit.

Create employment contract

Outdated employment contracts?

With Adminkit, you can easily and efficiently create new employment contracts that are up-to-date and valid.

For some employees, the employment contract should also include: Non-compete clause, confidentiality clause or an intellectual property clause.

Get control – save time
and avoid frustration

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Electronic signing for all types of documents

In 2022, you will no longer have to print, sign, scan, email and save.
Make it easy and digital with electronic signing.

Contracts, employment agreements, board meeting minutes etc. Save time and gain control.

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