Shared company files

More structure and control on company documents and files with a shared document archive.

Company file area
– less chaos

Better structure and control of common documents and files. Reduce folder and SharePoint chaos.

Latest version easy
available to everyone

A common place for storing and making available the latest version of the various common documents

Save time and get
happy employees

Reduce unnecessary time looking for and sending information. Now employees can quickly retrieve information themselves.

When simple becomes ingenious

The vast majority of companies have information, templates, routines, guidelines and the like that should be more accessible.

It’s usually not about not wanting to share. On the contrary. It is time consuming to email and send out the same documents over and over again. Do all employees have the latest version of…

With Adminkit you now have a place where the latest current version can be stored. Only the administrator can update this file area.

Do you mainly share
information via

Employees’ mailboxes are often not the most optimal place for long-term storage of information.

How do your employees know which is the latest and current version of various documents?

Whether it’s the staff handbook, insurance terms or emergency procedures, Adminkit makes it easier for all parties. A simplified intranet.

Who can do what?

Only the administrator can upload, rename or delete files.

Employees can only download or view a preview of the documents.

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