Vacation & absence

Adminkit is a toolbox for companies with 1-100 employees. Spend time on the core business – not administration.
Save time and get better structure and control on personnel and administrative tasks, such as absence registration.
Work smarter and more efficiently using Adminkit.

User friendly calendar for vacations and absences that creates a great overview for employers and the employees.
Register vacation and absences in seconds, with a separate calendar for each employee and a common calendar for the entire company.

Total control

Get the full overview of vacations and absences for all employees

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Save time

Employees get access to their own calendar, where they report vacation The wishes and absences. You can quickly approve or reject the applications.

Planning made easy

Get started for free in just minutes.

Better control of vacation applications

All employees can apply for vacations and always have an updated overview of available days.

This frees up a lot of time and potential confusion in a busy day. You as the manager can choose between approving manually or automatically.


Who’s in the office today?

Home office and various hybrid office solutions have become the new normal post pandemic. In our new tool, every employee can report whether they work from home. This gives everyone an overview of how many people come to the office that day.

Overview of absence

Employees report their absence directly in Adminkit and thus you as the manager have a full overview of both historical and future absences for everyone in the company.

Each employee has their own calendar with a full overview and details. The common calendar gives you a complete picture.


Save time, get more structure and control on personnel and administrative tasks with the tools in Adminkit. Free and easy for companies with 1-50 employees.