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Adminkit is a set of tools for companies with 1-100 employees. Save time and gain more structure and control on personnel and administrative tasks. No task should take more than 5 minutes!

User friendly and practical toolbox

Avoid administrative exhaustion with Adminkit’s tools for administration and personnel. They can be used right away so you can spend time on what you do best – build the business, motivate employees and make shareholders happy.

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If the following is true,
you don’t need Adminkit

I have updated job instructions and
employment contracts for all employees
I’m good at documenting and saving
personnel-related documents in one place
I can quickly find the next of kin if a
crisis or accident occurs
I find it quick and easy to prepare an accurate
and well worded employment agreement
I have full control and it is easy to document
and store personnel-related information in accordance with GDPR
I have everything under control, appear professional and am well
prepared when new employees join th company
It’s easy for employees to find all relevant employment

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Empl. contracts
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Adminkit is a digital toolbox that provides better control

We will help you solve specific needs when you need it.

Administrative and personnel tasks are time consuming, but modern technology can make most things easier. You can save a lot of time if you choose to use the toolbox from Adminkit.


Finally – we’re creating the tools we ourselves have always missed for small and medium-sized businesses.

It is easy and free to get started. Super user-friendly and the tools are designed to be used by business leaders with or without extra resources within HR and administration.

We work hard to make your
workday better

The Adminkit team works hard every day to ensure that business leaders can
spend more time on what they are good at – building the business,
motivating the employees and doing shareholders happy.

of small and medium sized businesses don’t have a system/tool for employment contracts.
of small and medium sized businesses are not in control of vacation/absence.
of small and medium sized businesses don’t have a system/tool for working hours
of small and medium sized businesses don’t have a system/tool for appraisal interviews

Market research based on interviews with 200 Norwegian SME business leaders – Opinion 2020

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